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INEEDAHOTEL.COM is registered as an independent sales travel agent with the State of Florida.
Our hotel search engine will connect you to the largest selection of hotel accommodations throughout the world. INEEDAHOTEL.COM offers one of the most diverse methods of searching for hotels available on the Internet. You can search by typical city, state, country or city, and country as well as searching for hotels near landmarks for example: colleges, universities, athletic stadiums, and concert venues. Our database also allows searching for miscellaneous landmark locations. We have implemented airport searching and the option to search near addresses and zip codes. Our technology gives you the opportunity to connect directly to the central reservations systems of hotels worldwide. In many cases, this will result in giving you the largest variety of hotel rates and the best room descriptions.

While using the technology that we have incorporated into our site the user is effectively opening the door to the best savings available on the Internet.

Mission Statement

The visitor information that we have provided about your location may be non-existent, dated, or inaccurate. However, our site is designed to be interactive to allow you to tell people about the attractions around your city to increase tourism to your area. That's a win-win for everyone. While we offer the best hotel discounts available on the internet, our reservation system is designed for extreme ease of use. No username or password is required. When you see a hotel and price you like, simply click on Book Now, and complete your reservation.

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